How Happie Reduced Allen Tate’s Time-To-Fill by 75% While Delivering Top Quality Candidates

When folks across the Carolinas hear the name Allen Tate, they think of the widely-respected team of real estate agents. However, this brand also includes Allen Tate Mortgage, a growing mortgage company with 60 years of rich history offering a wide array of mortgage products for prospective home buyers from Greensboro to Greenville. To maintain their high level of service, Allen Tate Mortgage needs experienced loan officers who can hit the ground running and support the high volume of mortgage applications generated by their active real estate team.

Challenges Building a Strong Talent Pipeline 

Lisa Green, Allen Tate Mortgage’s Vice President of Loan Origination, is responsible for recruiting for roles across multiple offices. Due to the cyclical nature of her business, she doesn’t know when the next role will open. Therefore, she needs a pool of high-quality candidates that she can bring in for interviews at a moment’s notice. She asked for referrals from team members, posted to job boards, and used recruiting agencies. But, these channels were inconsistent, and she was struggling to cultivate a strong talent pipeline and fill her roles with great candidates.

“We want to lead our recruiting efforts from a position of strength. That’s what Happie helps us do.”  Lisa Green, Vice President of Loan Origination

The Sourcing Problem 

First, referrals almost never worked out. The loan officers that she met with were reluctant to abandon their established agent network and showed little interest in building new relationships with Allen Tate agents. Additionally, she found that many of them weren’t interested in supporting Allen Tate’s 40-person real estate team and preferred to collaborate with their smaller agent networks. They were lacking the ability to identify the right candidate in their sourcing strategy.  Lisa needed candidates with several years of experience in the industry and in-house referrals were not connecting her with the right candidates.

That’s when Lisa decided to partner with Happie. She knew she had to enhance Allen Tate Mortgage’s employer brand to attract top talent and build a community of loan officers that were ready to explore a new role the minute a job opened up. During her Happie onboarding, she laid out an ideal candidate profile and defined her target regions within the Carolinas. Then, Happie got to work. Happie’s product identified the total talent universe of qualified candidates, and sent out a series of professional and engaging messages to those candidates.  

Happie targeted hundreds of loan officers with the required level of experience, and within a few weeks, Happie had delivered a full bench of candidates that were interested in pursuing opportunities with her team.  Over the next few months, she made four hires at a far lower cost than the $10,000 fee she paid traditional recruiting agencies. She also reduced her time-to-fill for these critical roles from 8 months to 2 months - a 75% decrease! Lisa was overjoyed. She now had a partner working on her behalf to engage passive candidates throughout the region, while she focused on selling these candidates the great career opportunities available with Allen Tate. 

The Overview 

Company Highlights 
  • Headquartered in Charlotte, NC 
  • 25 employees 
  • Provides mortgage services to prospective home-buyers across the Carolinas

Recruiting Challenges 
  • Business leader experiencing difficulties recruiting ideal candidates 
  • In-house referrals and recruiting agencies not producing great talent 
  • $10,000 average cost-per-hire 
  • 8 month average time-to-fill

  • Dramatically reduced cost-per-hire
  • Reduced time-to-fill by 75% 
  • Full bench of high-quality, passive candidates ready to engage 
  • Hired 4 candidates within the first 3 months

  • Happie’s Job Board for Passives
  • Job board that targets 100% of the talent universe including passive candidates 
  • Multi-channel recruitment marketing campaigns 
  • Engaged and qualified candidates delivered to Lisa’s inbox

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