Engage candidates automagically with automated outreach

You know that to get candidates to pay attention, you have to reach out to them more than once. However, your staff doesn’t have the hours in the day to conduct this level of outreach manually.

It’s like a team of super-recruiters on steroids, working 24/7 to ensure that your target candidates hear about your opportunity.


Scale candidate communications without scaling your team 

Happie’s automated, AI-driven outreach tools put your candidate communications on autopilot with hyper-personalized messaging sequences that politely persist until you get a reply. Your recruiting messages can go out automatically via email, InMail®, text, and voicemail, and can be sequenced in any combination. Automated follow-up means no one ever falls through the cracks.


Connect with candidates where they live - on their phones!

97% open rate on texts gets your opportunities seen by candidates. The average Millennial checks their phone 150 times per day. Candidates can quickly respond to text messages to move conversations forward. Texting can be sent individually or sequenced as a larger, personalized messaging campaign.


Automatically deliver voicemail to hundreds of candidates - without ringing their phones.

Record a friendly voicemail and deliver it to hundreds of candidates with one click, without annoying them at work or home. Or schedule it to go out as a follow up step in a sequence. Using voicemail to refer to an email or other communication can drive up to a 200% increase in engagement rates! There is no risk of annoyance because their phone doe snot ring.  It’s just experienced as a missed call – to which 70% respond immediately with a call or text back.


Multiply your team’s productivity by automatically dialing candidates.

Less time dialing means more screening calls with candidates. Happie’s predictive dialer enables recruiters to dramatically increase their number of candidate conversations. Your recruiters are only connected with calls that are actually answered. No more dialing by hand, listening to unanswered calls, busy signals, or voicemails. Your recruiting team can gain 300% more talk time with candidates.


Introducing your All-in-One Inbox. Get your InMail, email, texts, and voicemail responses all in one place.

See and respond to all of your inbound interest from candidates without logging into multiple tools. Happie’s Universal Inbox empowers TA professionals to handle hundreds or thousands of inbound responses without missing a single candidate. Communicate effectively with each candidate, easily evaluate responses, and disposition the candidates to the proper next steps with elegance and respect.

🤖 Sourcing Automation

Instantly pull in talent from across the web. Quickly select and import candidates from a variety of external databases and job boards and automatically add them to Happie.

🌐 Candidate Data Enhancement

You can't engage candidates if you can't reach them. Make your database actionable with up-to-date contact information including phone, email, and social media.

🤝 Automated Outreach Sequences

Create authentic, organic candidate conversations on a larger scale with multi-channel, multi-touch outreach sequences designed to nurture and engage candidate interest.

📇 Candidate Management

Proactively building a living pipeline of best fit talent and manage all candidate interactions through Happie's Candidate Attraction CRM. From sourced to hired, never miss a step.

📲 Text Recruiting

Achieve 95% open rates and unprecedented candidate response rates with text recruiting. Plus 100% tracking and compliance built in with Happie's integrated CRM tools.

📫 One Inbox to Rule them All

Handle 10X the candidate volume with your existing team with Happie's Universal Inbox. Integrated candidate profiles and CRM makes life easier for your recruiters.


Publishing tools anyone can use

Create career sites, team pages, and other digital assets that delight rather than deter the best candidates.


Know, and show, what's working

Manage your hiring managers and executives with confidence. Show the work that goes into what you deliver every day.

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