Respond to candidates 24/7with the Happie Chatbot

Integrate our automated chatbot directly into your career site for 24/7 access to your candidates

Don’t miss high priority candidates

You spend a lot of time and effort getting your open roles in front of top candidates. But when they land on your career site, they have no easy way to engage. With Happie Chatbot you can intelligently greet them and move them through the funnel.

Happie Chatbots answer people's questions automatically.

Candidates have lots of questions about your open roles and your team isn’t awake 24/7 to answer them. That’s why Happie built Chatbots that can automatically provide answers to common question straight from your knowledge base, for a seamless conversational experience, even while you sleep!

Book screening calls for your recruiting team 24/7/365.

How much would it cost you to pay your recruiters to work around the clock? Now you don’t have to. Happie’s Chatbot is an intelligent virtual recruiter that responds in real time to candidates. Plus, it’s tightly integrated to your Happie CRM so all candidate interactions are tracked and you never lose the thread.


Quality candidates, constantly

Let us help you exponentially increase the number and quality of your pipeline to capture candidates' interest

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Create career sites, team pages, and other digital assets that delight rather than deter the best candidates.