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iRobot designs and builds robots that empower people to do more. Since their founding in 1990, iRobot has sold over 15 million robots and employs more than 500 of the robot industry’s best and brightest, with offices in Massachusetts, California, the United Kingdom, Japan, China and Hong Kong. iRobot was seeking exceptional technical talent to join their team, but was experiencing difficulty in surfacing and engaging these predominantly passive candidates. iRobot implemented the Happie Talent Engagement Platform to source, engage, and rediscover candidates for three key technical roles.


To hit aggressive corporate goals, iRobot needed to hire highly coveted engineering talent. They had three challenges. At $14,000, their cost per hire (CPH) was too high, constraining their already stretched internal talent acquisition budget. They were struggling to capture candidates’ attention due to an undifferentiated employer brand. And they also needed to overcome a perception problem about their suburban location. Enter Happie, a modern RPO solution that tackles tough recruiting challenges through the lens of consumer marketing. iRobot and Happie partnered to tackle these challenges.


cost reduction in cost per hire metric from $14,000 to $6,250, resulting in more than a $270k ROI year one


increase in candidate engagement via enhanced employer brand


transition from over-reliance on expensive recruiting agencies to a proactive candidate pipeline.


Identifying and Marketing to the Total Talent Universe

Step one was to build an actionable database of target candidates. Happie met with iRobot’s recruiters and hiring managers to understand the ideal candidate profile and unearthed over 19,000 candidates for five key roles in multiple locations. Happie’s platform turned this candidate database into an actionable asset by enhancing profiles with phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles.

Next, Happie developed a comprehensive recruitment marketing and engagement strategy designed to activate this candidate population beginning with a deep understanding of candidate personas: their demographic profile, background, career goals, and interests. This was coupled with a carefully-crafted content and outreach strategy to engage candidates’ interest in the role and the overall opportunity at iRobot. This fully integrated recruitment marketing campaign was specifically designed to educate candidates about iRobot’s employment brand, the benefits of the location, and the open opportunities.


Unique Page Views


Net New Candidates


Average page duration


Passive Apply Rate

Telling a Compelling Employment Brand Story

iRobot needed content to make a compelling case to target candidates. Using Happie’s career site publishing platform, Brand Builder™, iRobot effortlessly created media rich career pages that told a strong employment brand story with dynamic photo and video elements. This gave visitors the ability to visualize the company culture and learn more about the opportunity.

Brand Builder also equipped the team with the ability to create a fully customized, responsive, and interactive online talent community. This digital talent community served as an epicenter for details about open roles, events, cool new initiatives and the latest company news.

Next Up: Engaging Target Candidates At Scale

Happie created multi-step, multi-channel drip campaigns that put authentic candidate outreach on autopilot. Candidates were put into an outreach sequence and received hyper-personalized messages via email, SMS text, and voicemail drops. This served as a force-multiplier for the TA team, enabling them to quickly and seamlessly engage in human, organic dialogs with over 19,000 candidates with zero ongoing effort.

Because the vast majority of the candidates were passive (85%) it was important not to annoy them by contacting them at an inopportune time. Happie’s platform includes the ability to send candidates recorded voice mail messages without ringing their phones. Dropping a voicemail in concert with other touch points in the outreach sequence increases engagement dramatically, but in a non-disruptive way.

The combined outreach of email, Linkedin, SMS texting and voicemail consistently delivered a 51% positive response rate from the top of the funnel, providing the iRobot team with the volume of conversations they needed to fill their teams calendars with great candidates.

By incorporating these automated outreach tactics into their over-all engagement strategy, iRobot enjoyed unprecedented response rates and a better candidate experience. The automated telephony suite is a critical feature in the Happie engagement platform that elevates results across all other activities.

The Happie platform allowed for highly customized messaging at scale with the click of a button and maintained the human element necessary for sustainable recruiting.


Net New Candidates Engaged


Total Outreach


Overall Response Rate


Positive Response Rate


In order to ensure these initiatives were working, iRobot needed transparent and accessible business intelligence. Happie’s comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities provided actionable data. By tracking the steps in the recruiting funnel, A/B testing, and iterating, the team could make data-driven decisions to guide their recruitment marketing strategy and improve and optimize conversions.

Next Up: Engaging Target Candidates At Scale

All solid recruiting strategies include building a strong pipeline of talent for the future. Candidates who don’t want to make a move now can express interest in staying in touch. Keeping them warm via an extended nurture campaign supports future hiring efforts by building a bench of talent from from which to draw and drives down costs ongoing. In addition to meeting their immediate hiring goals, iRobot built a talent community of over 4,000 engaged embedded software engineers.

The team has been in regular and automatic communication with this group by using Happie’s automated outreach features. With strategically designed and fully automated multi-channel extended-nurture campaigns, this group receives career newsletters, company spotlights and general check-in emails, keeping iRobot top-of-mind.


Net New Candidates in the Talent Community


Talent Community Sign Up Rate

Re-Engaging Candidates in the ATS

Along with building a pipeline of new talent, the platform enabled the iRobot team to reengage their existing talent database. Many TA organizations don’t bother to keep in touch with candidates who do not represent an immediate hire. These candidate records moulder in the resume graveyard of their ATS system.

Through Happie’s proprietary candidate data acquisition and validation suite, iRobot is able to actively market to their in-house existing candidate database, awakening an entirely new channel of interested talent who have been previously vetted, all of whom now have fresh contact data. By integrating their sizable database of candidates from their ATS into the automated marketing tools of the Happie engagement platform, they saw an ROI on this considerable data asset.

The Bottom Line

Overall, iRobot enjoyed a 63% reduction in cost-per-hire while building a database of 19,000 candidates and an engaged talent community of 4000+ candidates with valuable technical skills that they will hire from over time. Check out some of our other customer stories here!

Happie is a partner I've relied on for years. Both the platform and the ongoing support represent an extension of my own team that goes beyond traditional recruiting, to true candidate attraction.
Brian Gilbert Director of TA

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