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Rue Gilt Groupe is the premier off-price e-commerce portfolio company, connecting more than 20 million members with coveted designers at an exceptional value. Two complementary brands, Rue La La and Gilt, utilize world-class merchandising, technology and marketing to strategically support their brand partners and inspire members daily. Their approach to retail brings excitement to online shopping and the best-in-class experience that today’s customers demand.


Rue Gilt Groupe needs to keep their hiring capacity aligned with their quickly scaling business growth. To do this they need to extend their fabulous consumer brand to an employer brand that showcases all of the amazing attributes of their opportunity and culture. They require a flexible branding tool that extends beyond their careersite to the entire candidate experience. In addition, RGG needs to build a database of best-fit candidates for critical roles in key markets and gain visibility into their hiring funnel for optimization.


unique career site visitors/ Quarter with an average page duration of 58 seconds


of the 3,882 positive responses wanted to talk. 46% wanted to keep in touch.


total candidates identified in the total talent universe

Happie was able to become a force multiplier for Rue’s TA team not only through a redesigned career site but also in identifying their total talent universe for key roles, designing highly effective campaigns of personalized outreach, and delivering the reporting that leadership needs to manage both up and down the organization. The entire RGG TA process has been optimized from candidate experience and CRM to engagement and scheduling. And all of which is now trackable in one interface with one universal inbox.

Rue’s experience is reflective of the Happie partner mind-set. We seek constant improvement and feedback with the ultimate goal of achieving customer success, not just customer service.


Identifying the Total Talent Universe

In a matter of weeks, the RGG TA team was able to identify and acquire the total talent universe of 4,216 developers for the prioritized pipeline and build a database of actionable contacts. They could then paint a more in-depth picture to hiring managers with reporting that was insightful and actionable - allowing them to understand what talent was available, and what the strategy his team was executing to move those candidates down the hiring funnel.

Happie + Rue Gilt Groupe = Awesome

Through Happie's Rapid Success quick-start program RGG was able to see results immediately as the platform empowered the sourcing of over 4,000 best-fit candidates in their target areas within a few weeks. Through Happie, RGG then built branded job-specific web pages that resulted in a more impactful candidate experience for thousands of candidates - generating a high volume of responses from qualified, interested developers especially. RGG screened the most qualified candidates through the platform and submitted them to their team. For candidates who are not interested at this time RGG can automatically track why with reason code analysis.


Net New Candidates Engaged


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Needed to Turn Up the Volume with Outreach

David Wishon, Head of Talent Acquisition and People Analytics has an ongoing need for top talent across several job families, from warehouse to software. In order to tap the “passive” talent pool of ideal talent required to meet his goals and get the responses needed to fill these urgent critical roles, his team can’t rely on LinkedIn messaging alone. After reviewing a number of strategic options he chose the Happie talent attraction platform to turn up the volume on outreach and engagement - and to increase effectiveness across new channels; i.e., automated E-Mail, Text Messaging, Voice Mail Drops, Automated Webchat and Telephony, etc... By using Happie strategically he was able to elevate his hire rate on tough roles, decrease both cost and time-to-hire!

The Happie team was truly a partner in our success and focused on understanding our business needs so they could find the exact candidates we were looking for. I highly recommend their services and their team is a 10/10!
David Wishon, Director of TA

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