Diversity & Inclusion as a competitive advantage

The Happie D&I framework ensures you never miss out on the best talent.

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Happie’s D&I framework elevates your balancing efforts day one, and teaches this new standard to your existing team.

Your pipeline should reflect your commitment to inclusion

Happie’s D&I framework shines a spotlight on areas of your recruiting process that can achieve greater inclusion. Happie’s framework results in concrete actions to elevate your entire process from end-to-end quickly. The result is a growing pipeline, inclusive of a wide spectrum of candidates from many backgrounds ensuring you don’t miss out on any best-fit talent.

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Inclusion must span your entire process

To avoid losing many of the best talent to competitors you must go beyond platforms, job boards and career fairs. D&I is not a single effort but rather an elevation of all you do in recruiting.  Happie’s D&I framework graduates your team’s ability to exercise inclusion across all of your current activities and identifies new opportunities to do so ongoing.

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Become a magnet employer for diverse talent

Whatever your goals, Happie can help you build and implement an effective strategy today. Going beyond the “quick-fix” solutions others offer, Happie unifies your strategy across the entire organization and culture. In doing so we help your team activate ambassadors for your employment brand, helping you to become a magnet employer to the diverse world of talent you may now be missing.

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Quality candidates, constantly

Let us help you exponentially increase the number and quality of your pipeline to capture candidates' interest

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Publishing tools anyone can use

Create career sites, team pages, and other digital assets that delight rather than deter the best candidates.