Equity Prime Mortgage Uses Happie To Hire Top Earning Loan Officers

Equity Prime Mortgage is a fast-growing, award-winning mortgage lender with offices in 45 states.  Michael Storey, Vice President of the Western Region, needed to find quality loan officers for his Denver branch. He had tried various recruiting solutions over many years of hiring loan officers and was looking for a better way to solve a consistent problem: how to find great candidates.  Michael was dependent on job boards to generate applicants, but the candidate quality from job boards was very poor, and the volume was nowhere near enough to fill his open roles. Since job boards only reach around 20% of the available talent, Michael needed a way to tap into the rest of the talent pool. The hiring season for mortgage loan officers doesn’t last long, so he needed a solution fast.

Hiring Challenges with Finding Top Loan Officers? 

The Denver real estate market is red hot and loan officers are in high demand. Most of the mortgage companies in the area are chasing the same pool of top loan officer candidates. Storey has very high standards for the loan officers he hires, so it was critical that he get the best candidates into his pipeline. “I’m looking for that rare Loan Officer who can work independently, continually developing relationships with borrowers, realtors, builders, developers, personal contacts, and other valuable referral sources. This is the unique person who has a breadth of knowledge and deep existing relationships.  I didn’t have time to train brand new staff - I needed them to come in and start producing quickly.”   After attempting—and failing—to hire loan officers by posting to online job boards Storey realized that he needed to try a new approach. When he heard about Happie’s “job board for passive candidates” and learned about Happie’s approach of marketing his open role to a broad candidate pool of “passive candidates”, he quickly set up a call with Happie to learn more (link this to form). “Passive candidates” (Passive Candidate's DOs and DON'Ts: Shifting Your Mindset to Successfully Recruit Passive Candidates In 2020) are those who are busy at work doing their jobs and are not spending time actively looking for a new job. They’re not interested in pursuing a new company, but they will often listen if a new position has qualities that they’re interested in.

Happie’s Job Board for Passive Candidates 

Storey gave Happie his ideal candidate profile. Storey wanted to hire top loan officers that could hit the ground running, so the fit and experience were paramount. After identifying the candidate profile, Happie targeted hundreds of candidates with a matching background, instead of just those that were actively looking for a position. Happie then marketed the role to 100 percent of the loan officers that could be qualified for this position, and reached out to them with a series of engaging messages that would capture their attention.  Messaging went out via email, text messaging, voicemail, and social media.  Happie’s platform sends multiple touches to each candidate using captivating content highlighting what top loan officers are looking for in order to consider changing companies. If a company has the ability to support high loan volumes and fast turn times, they have access to technologies and systems that help them scale their business, great compensation, engaged management, and a team oriented culture, loan officers will consider making a move. 

Want more information on the best practices for engaging passive talent? Check out our webinar, Hiring Secrets for Mortgage Companies: How to Hire Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers, Underwriters, and Branch Managers.

The End Result: Equity Prime Quickly Made A Great Hire

Storey received an inbox full of qualified, interested, top performing loan officers local to Denver. He was able to spend less time on sourcing and identifying candidates, and could focus on conversations with great individuals that would make valuable contributions to the team and better the company. Interested in seeing more? Check out more of our Happie Customer Reviews or Happie Customer Success Stories!

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