The Flawless Careers Page: A Step By Step Guide On How To Craft An Appealing Company Careers Page That Invites Top Talent

Thursday, March 12th9 AM Pacific, 12 PM EasternAt your desk

75% of potential candidates will visit your company website before opening any conversation with your TA team. 40% of those candidates will not like what they find and leave never to return. Having a weak careers page means all your other recruiting efforts are being done with one hand tied behind your back. In today's highly competitive hiring market, that is a recipe for disaster. Join us for a webinar focused on fixing your troubled careers page. In the webinar, we will present six highly effective steps that you can use to spruce up your careers page without taking months and costing thousands of dollars.  Topics will include how to create and use effective rich-media and video content, how to deliver a message through your careers page that gets candidates excited to talk to you, and how your careers page can engage and support a vibrant talent pool of candidates.

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The Flawless Careers Page: A Step By Step Guide On How To Craft An Appealing Company Careers Page That Invites Top Talent

Your careers page is just not what you want. IT, Marketing, they cannot seem to free up resources to help. You know that you are losing some great candidates. If this sounds like you, then you want to join this webinar. 

Regardless of if you have a good foundation and want to learn the latest in messaging, media delivery, or careers page technology to improve your site, or if you truly need a major upgrade, this webinar will be highly valuable.

Join our founder and CEO, Jennifer Fremont-Smith, as she covers the latest best practices, technologies, and strategies behind creating appealing and effective careers pages. Filled with examples of both good and bad, this highly impactful session will focus on the techniques and approaches that are proven to deliver a rich candidate experience across all types of devices. You'll learn how to build a careers page that will help deliver the very best talent every time.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

How to use your careers page to build out a talent community you can nurture and use for future hiring.

How to move your careers page from static and dull to a dynamic eye-catching mobile-optimized design.

How to use mix messaging, rich media, and your employees to tell a powerful employer brand story.

How to integrate communications capabilities like email sequencing and chatbots to initiate conversations.

How to use social feeds to show off your culture/brand.

And how to do all this on a small budget and with limited help from marketing or IT.


Jennifer Fremont-Smith

CEO and Co-founder, Happie

Thursday, January 9th 9 AM Pacific, 12 PM Eastern At your desk

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