Halcyon Hotels beat the competition in hiring the best candidates, thanks to Happie 

Halcyon Hotel Cherry Creek is an independent boutique hotel located in Denver’s Cherry Creek neighborhood. Their Director of HR, Chelsea L’Archevesque, was looking for the new face of the hotel to serve front and center as Host. However, the hospitality industry in Denver is very saturated, and she didn’t have the time or resources to seek out the right person. Her method of posting the position to job boards was not finding her the talent she was looking for.  Finding qualified candidates proved to be tougher than Chelsea expected.

No Time to Sift Through Unqualified Candidates 

Chelsea was fully responsible for Halcyon’s entire HR department, including their recruiting efforts from start to finish. She quickly found that relying on job boards to find the perfect candidates was proving ineffective. They were returning too many prospects that weren’t actually qualified, and weren’t actually interested in the role she had open.  She was starting to get desperate to find interested, engaged candidates who also had all of the qualifications she needed. But, she didn’t have the budget to pay excessive fees for traditional staffing agencies.

“The candidates we’ve received have been so on target. They’ve been more professional, mature and interested in our opportunity than any candidates we’ve encountered through job boards.” said Chelsea

Happie Revs Up the Candidate Pipeline

Chelsea met with the Happie team for her included training on how to work with passive candidates, and then Happie started the campaign. Happie hit the ground running and started searching for candidates within 24 hours based on the qualifications that Chelsea conveyed during her kickoff call. After identifying the candidates, Happie started a campaign that included a series of automated, conversational messaging that engaged passive candidates about the opportunity. Any candidate that responded positively to the messaging was introduced directly to Chelsea.  She could go into her inbox daily and have new conversations started with top candidates in her area without it taking any time away from the rest of her duties.

Professional, Quality Candidates 

The Halcyon team couldn’t have been happier with the quality of candidates that Happie delivered. The speed at which Happie operated, as well as the low cost compared to traditional recruiting firms, sold Chelsea on her investment from the beginning.

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