Happie Customer Reviews

These happy Happie customer reviews show what customers love about working with Happie to find, source, engage, and hire top quality passive candidates!

“We quickly made two optometrist hires and are very happie!”

Meredith Bonisteel
People Team, Warby Parker

“I love Happie! We have used Happie in our two main sales regions and I don’t want to be without it. I just turn it on and candidates flow in. It is easy and it WORKS!”

Mike Kendall
Recruiting Manager, Booker

“We had a number of candidates we received from Happie and hired for our position very quickly. Once we filled the position we launched a new role and we started seeing candidates immediately for the new opening as well.”

Kevin Hockenjos
COO, Utility Concierge

“I was very, very pleased. We saw a steady flow of matched candidates and ended up hiring three people via Happie. I am constantly looking for new people and Happie is providing me with a pipeline of quality talent”

Heidi Burdick
Human Resources Manager, Unishippers

“Overall the experience was very positive. We hired our Center Manager from Happie almost immediately and that made a huge difference in our opening that location. We have a solid pipeline of sales candidates and are interviewing 3 people this week. I anticipate we will hire our Sales Representative via Happie as well.”

Sarah Luna
Senior Vice President of Operations, Club Pilates

“I’ve been using Happie for over a year. We started in New York and then used Happie to staff our new office in Florida. They are extremely easy to work with and their algorithm finds great candidates for us.”

Victoria Rowland
VP of Human Resources, Millennium Alliance

“Having great candidates who are qualified and interested in discussing an opportunity at Cintas has accelerated my entire recruiting process. ”

Brian Hendricks
Market Sales Manager, Cintas

“Our company has used recruiting services in the past, but none of them were like Happie. Thanks to Happie we’ve been introduced to multiple qualified candidates who would be great additions to the company.”

Nicole Miller
HR Logistics Specialist, Customized Distribution Services

“Since using Happie, the caliber of individuals has greatly improved and is far greater than those we could have ever found on our own. We’ve already made offers to several candidates and that in itself has proved Happie’s value.”

Dawn Lively
Director of HR, DeveloperTown

“Happie was able to identify the background and traits that mattered most to us, and use it to find the candidate we were looking for. We are thrilled with our hire!”

Arvind Sharma
Talent Acquisition Partner, Value Momentum

“If recruiting wasn’t one of the main functions of my job as branch manager, I could fill my day up with customers. The process was very hands-off for me. I couldn’t afford to spend any more time on tasks that weren’t directly contributing to my strict sales quota,. I put my full faith in Happie and they delivered.”

Chris Reshetar
Branch Manager, Movement Mortgage

“Thanks to Happie I’ve been able to really streamline our recruitment efforts. The platform has freed up a lot of my time and i”ve been able to take on more roles internally.”

Rebecca Clark
Head of People, Streamlinx

“[Happie] guarantees that I’m only talking to the best candidates.”

Chelsesa L’Archevesque
Director of HR, Halcyon Hotel

“I was a little hesitant about paying for the full engagement up front because I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after just six weeks I’m excited to say we’ve already made two offers to candidates sourced by Happie. Posting weekly to job boards adds up quickly and I knew Happie would save usmoney in the long run. I’m already seeing a return on investment from the platform that was a fraction of the cost of what I would be spending long term.”

Chelsesa L’Archevesque
Director of HR, Halcyon Hotel

“I think the beauty of it was that there’s some science and systems to it, but there are also talented humans to support that.”

Brandon Cajthaml
People Solutions Director, DayNine

“Quality of hire is way up. A great talent fit, a great culture fit – this hire is going to go make it rain in Dallas.”

Brandon Cajthaml
People Solutions Director, DayNine

“[Happie is] efficient for sure, and that’s time and money and process. I felt like ‘wow, can’t wait to do that again! What’s the next role we can fill?”

Brandon Cajthaml
People Solutions Director, DayNine

“One word: value. You’re absolutely selling a value.”

Brandon Cajthaml
People Solutions Director, DayNine

“When you’re managing an entire department it’s really hard to put hiring as a top priority. I’ve also used recruiters before. They can do a fine job but they typically take way more time than I have. That’s why Happie has made so much sense.”

Amy Ero
Advertising Director, Dallas Observer

“We needed a candidate with strong marketing and growth hacking experience to generate demand within enterprise accounts, and Happie delivered!”

Arvind Sharma
Talent Acquisition Partner, Value Momentum

“The hospitality industry never stops growing. With five hotels within a five mile radius, unemployment is low and we have a very small pool of candidates to choose from. We needed to try a new approach if we wanted to fill these roles. The candidates we’ve received have been so on target. They’ve been more professional, mature and interested in our opportunity than any candidates we’ve encountered through job boards.”

Chelsesa L’Archevesque
Director of HR, Halcyon Hotel

“I was looking for the right person – someone who could manage every-thing from grass-roots marketing and networking to membership sales and staff management” This was a key role for us and I needed to act fast! I was fairly new at recruiting and Happie made the entire process smooth and easy. I was able to quickly hire a key position using the platform. Thank you Happie!”

Bill Guzick
Owner, Club Pilates

“Happie worked out so well for us the first that we reached out the next time we needed a top closer, and it worked out astronomically great again.”

Mike Kendall
Talent Acquisition Manager, Booker

“With Happie, I spend more productive time recruiting and am able to focus my time and energy on making connections with the candidates that our business needs. “We want to lead our recruiting efforts from a position of strength. That’s what Happie helps us do.”

Lisa Green
VP of Loan Origination, Allen Tate

“We’ve never been able to get this many responses from passive candidates, most of which were overwhelmingly positive.”

Nathan Pogue
Technical Lead, Broetje

“The ability to reach on-the-go passive candidates is a game-changer. Before Happie, we didn’t have the ability or resources to engage with them.”

Nathan Pogue
Technical Lead, Broetje

“The value we saw from Happie was great! We are thrilled that we are able to talk to candidates that were previously out of reach.”

Nathan Pogue
Technical Lead, Broetje

“We hired our Marketing Leader using Happie. Happie delivered candidates that were right on-target to our profile and the quality was very good as well.”

Samantha Lennon
Director of Commercial Operations, Green Street Solar

“Happie brought me at least 4 strong candidates. 3 are coming in tomorrow for interviews. I was the test site for this region of Hershey’s and I have nothing but positive things to say about the experience. I’d like to continue using Happie and that’s what I’ll tell my boss.”

Mark Scharlau
Vice President, Hershey’s Ice Cream

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