Healthcare Recruitment Success! How to Hire Healthcare and Clinical Staff [Without Using Healthcare Staffing Agencies]

Boston, MA  |  May 15, 2019

Healthcare recruitment is one of the most challenging jobs for any recruiter. Recruiting clinical staff and medical office staff for your medical practice or hospital is crucial, because if you don't maintain federally mandated clinical staffing levels, you can't treat patients! Yet physicians, nurses, PAs, and other clinical staff are among the hardest-to-find talent in today’s labor market. Add to that the fact that job posts and recruiting emails don't get seen by busy clinical staff who are working shifts and away from their computers. In this event. we'll discuss fresh and effective techniques for sourcing clinical staff, using text recruiting to get through to them, and everything else you need to be successful hiring tech talent!

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Healthcare Recruitment Success - Specific Topics Include

Build a database of clinical staff who you can go back to again and again to cover your healthcare staffing needs.

How to use SMS text recruiting to get through to busy clinical staff who never open emails or respond to job posts.

Create the right type of outreach that inspires and engages tech talent, rather than turning them off with spammy messages

Find out what will sell your location's benefits to clinical staff who have an endless number of options.

How to speak the language of clinical staff so you can be more effective recruiting them.

Recruiting text message examples and a healthcare recruitment strategy cheat sheet.

Meet the speaker

Bennett Cook

Solutions Architect |  Happie

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