Partners with Happie to Generate Hundreds of Qualified, Interested BDR Candidates

An Innovator in the Healthcare Industry Needed BDRs to Grow (now Experity) is a healthcare technology company that streamlines appointment scheduling, wait time, and patient communications in an effective way. The software allows for next-level patient engagement in healthcare market.

In order to grow the business, VP of Marketing Jenna Hanington, needed to expand the business development team. However, in a competitive job market, finding the right business development representative candidates was proving difficult, and the need was immediate. Jenna did not have the resources to identify the right BDR candidates effectively, and she had to find a solution fast.

Unicorns Needed: Business Development Reps With Both Sales and Healthcare Experience

Jenna needed candidates with business development skills and healthcare experience to ensure they would be able to excel as business development professionals in healthcare. She knew who she was looking for—a business development executive with strong sales and prospecting skills—but having spent thousands of dollars on job boards, she had virtually nothing to show for her efforts. It was clear that to find the candidates with the unique combination of skills needed, she would have to source her own BDR candidates, but she lacked the time and resources to do it in-house.

Effective recruiting campaigns go after passive candidates as well as active candidates. Passive candidates statistics show that 80 percent of the workforce are not actively looking for a new job. Jenna was not recruiting passive candidates, so she was missing 80 percent of top talent. partnererd with Happie to build a passive candidate recruting campaign designed to find, engage, nurture, and hire qualified BDR candidates. The goal was to drive immediate hires but also build a talent community of engaged candidates who could be hired over time.

Happie's Approach To Sourcing and Engaging Business Development Candidates

Happie's team interviewed Jenna to understand the ideal candidate profile, including years of experience, business development skills, and a background that could apply directly to the healthcare tech industry.  Within 24 hours, Happie identified the "total talent universe"—over 550 candidates that fit that profile within the geographic area. Armed with contact information and tools to automate outreach to these candidates, Happie was ready to begin recruiting.

After sourcing the total universe of BDR candidates in the market, the focus moved to marketing the role. Happie’s team crafted all the recruiting content necessary to engage and excite passive candidates. Most companies’ job descriptions read like a laundry list of requirements rather than a piece of marketing content. Happie re-created the BDR job description to highlight the culture, employment value proposition, and other core messages that would appeal to an audience of passive candidates. The team also created a series of outreach messages that would go to candidates via email, SMS, and social media, all while keeping in mind that passive candidates need to be nurtured over time. (Want to learn more about how to create compelling job descriptions that motivate and excite candidates?Check out our webinar, Flip The Script On Your Job Descrip(tion): How To Write Job Descriptions That Actually Inspire Candidates!)

The Results: Multiple BDR Hires and a Strong Candidate Pipeline for the Future.

Within 48 hours of on-boarding,’s recruiting campaign for the BDR role was well underway.  Some candidates responded immediately with interest in the role. Others needed to be nurtured over a longer period of time. Happie’s recruiters vetted all candidates who responded, conducting a screening to ensure they were qualified and interested. The team then sent all qualified candidates to Jenna so that she could review them knowing they check all of the boxes. Jenna and her team took it from there—interviewing and hiring the best BDRs and building a high-performance sales team.

Happie generated a much higher response rate than Jenna thought possible, and she was able to build a large and robust talent community and accomplish her most critical task: hiring the right business development reps—with the right combination of skills—for her growing sales team.

“Before Happie, we received a few candidates who met the bare minimum in terms of qualifications for the job, then... Happie nailed it. We were introduced to candidates who possessed exactly what we were looking for.”  Interested in seeing more? Check out more of our Happie Customer Reviews or Happie Customer Success Stories!

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