Hiring Sales Talent: A Step by Step Formula For Going Beyond  Job Boards to Hire Sales Rock Stars

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Most (78%+) of top-performing sales teams fire their worst reps in under a year. That’s the rule of thumb - replace the bottom 10% of the team each and every year. Those low performers are the ones trolling the job boards, filling your inbox with unqualified applications. Your next sales hire should be a rep who is out crushing their number at another company. Watch this webinar, in which you'll learn the tactics and processes needed to get the best sales candidates without relying on job boards or sales recruiting agencies. Equally as important, you will learn how to get these top sales candidates excited to join your company.

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Hiring Sales Talent: A Step by Step Formula For Going Beyond  Job Boards to Hire Sales Rock Stars

Finding a high-quality sales candidate has never been harder, especially for smaller TA/HR teams. Employment rates are at an all-time high, and sales rainmakers are out there crushing their numbers at other companies. The fact is your next sales candidate, the best sales candidate, is currently working for another company.

To fill your sales pipeline with high-quality sales candidates, HR/TA teams must be able to source, attract, connect, and communicate with these hard to find passive candidates.

Join our founder and CEO, Jennifer Fremont-Smith, as she guides you through a series of examples, best practices and templates that will give you the tools to build and engage a robust pipeline of top sales talent. 

You'll learn how to ensure that you hire the best salespeople, when you need them, in-time and every time.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

How to go beyond job boards to source the 80%, the best sales candidates in the market so that you have a target candidate population to hire.

How to make your company, no matter the size, stand out among others as the best team, so that top sales candidates are excited to join.

How to write killer job descriptions that salespeople can’t say no to.

How to build a robust talent pipeline of sales rock stars that you can bring in at a moment's notice.

How to create impactful content that engages top sales talent without overburdening your team.

How to communicate across devices and channels so that you get through to the best sales candidates.


Jennifer Fremont-Smith

CEO and Co-founder, Happie

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