Hiring Tech Talent [With the Team You Have And Without Using Expensive Tech Recruiting Agencies]

You’re under massive pressure to hire for your tech organization, but your candidate pipeline of tech talent is small and unengaged, and your normal recruiting tools and techniques - like posting to job boards - are not working. You don’t have a budget for tech staffing agencies, and you don’t really have a clear plan for how to move forward. Sound familiar?  We hear this All. The. Time. It’s pretty well-known that you’re not going to find and land a 10X developer by posting a lame job description to the job boards. Top tech talent isn’t on the job boards (hint: they are currently working for someone else) and even if they were, chances are that your job post isn’t going to make them up and quit their current, awesome job and come work for you.


Hiring Tech Talent

[With The Team You Have And Without Using Expensive Tech Recruiting Agencies]

Tech talent is absolutely core for everyone from tiny startups to the Fortune 500, yet the job market for software developers, engineers, and software architects is extremely competitive.  Plus, the recruiting techniques you use for most candidates don’t work as well for hiring tech talent.

In this webinar, our founder and CEO, Jennifer Fremont-Smith is teaming up with Lead Front End Developer Adam Lynch to reveal our secrets for sourcing and hiring amazing tech talent. This will be a highly impactful session, with perspectives from both the recruiting side and the tech talent side as to what works to attract tech talent (and what drives them away)!

You'll learn how to ensure that you hire the best tech talent, when you need them, in-time and every time.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

How to go beyond job boards to source your total talent universe of software developers and engineers so that you have a target candidate population to engage.

How to speak “tech” so your recruiting messages don’t fall on deaf ears.

How to make your company / opportunity appealing to this very discerning candidate population.

How NOT to write a job description and recruiting email if you care about hiring tech talent.

How to create the right type of outreach that inspires and engages tech talent, rather than annoying them with spam.

How to surface what’s really appealing about your tech organization.


Jennifer Fremont-Smith

CEO and Co-founder, Happie

Adam Lynch

Lead Front End Developer, Happie

Thursday, October 24th 9 AM Pacific, 12 PM Eastern At your desk