Movement Mortgage Crushes Their Branch Quota Using Happie To Hire Top Mortgage Loan Officers and Account Managers

Movement Mortgage is one of the fastest-growing mortgage banks in the country. Charlotte, NC Branch Manager Chris Reshetar was struggling to balance his time between growing his business and his hiring responsibilities (hiring mortgage loan officers, mortgage account managers, and sales talent that would drive revenue during the busy season). He implemented Happie to help him hire top loan officers and account managers for his branch.

Top Recruitment Challenge: No Time for Recruiting!

Hiring new team members was taking up a significant amount of Chris’ time, putting his own personal sales goals at risk. “It’s hard trying to grow my book of business to meet my goals while building a strong team at the same time. It’s a lot of pressure,” he said. Chris turned to Happie to help him build a team of top-performing loan officers, so he could focus on driving sales.

Happie delivers 100% Of the available candidates (not just 20%)

Before Happie, Chris had used job boards to generate applications from active candidates. The problem was that job boards only cover 20% of the available candidates in the market. And the candidates on the job boards are quite often not the best ones. Really strong mortgage loan officers and account managers are busy closing loans for their current employer, not scrolling the job boards looking for work.

Passive candidate recruitment enabled Movement Mortgage to build a pipeline of sales talent

To address this issue, Happie helps customers like Movement Mortgage find and engage “passive candidates” - those that are currently working and not necessarily actively looking, but often willing to listen if the right recruitment messaging comes their way. To get started with passive candidate recruitment, Chris first established his ideal profile of a top-closing loan officer, using skills, professional background, and other job-related factors to define a winning target candidate profile. Happie then identified over 350 loan officers and account managers in the Charlotte market that fit the bill and delivered them right into Movement Mortgage’s Happie account. This meant that Chris now had a pipeline with hundreds of quality loan offer talent that he could begin to nurture. That meant he wouldn’t have to scramble every time he needed to fill an open role.

Using recruitment messaging templates that come with Happie’s software (which Chris personalized with his voice and tone), he began messaging out to his target candidates. Because Happie automates the outreach, all he had to do was hit “send” one time, and a series of thoughtful, hyper-personalized, and engaging recruitment messages went out over a period of three weeks. Chris chose this timeframe because it mapped to when his busy season would begin, and he knew he needed to get a number of recruitment messages in front of his candidates over time to get their attention. Messages included recruitment emails, SMS text messages, and voicemail drops.

Recruitment messages require 7 -14 touches to catch a candidate's attention.

Posting to job boards to capture active candidates

In addition to the passive candidate recruiting that enabled Chris to get the Movement Mortgage recruitment message in front of the 80% of the available candidates that are NOT on the job boards, it was important to get in front of the active candidates in the market as well. Happie is integrated with over 300 job boards, so all Chris had to to do get his open loan officer and account manager jobs posted was click one button in Happie. His job description on Happie was optimized for maximum exposure on job boards, and Happie’s job board syndication tools ensured his job was displayed on the best job boards for account managers and loan officer and for his geographic region. This meant that he also had a steady stream of active job applicants coming through his recruitment pipeline.

Movement Mortgage's best Account Manager and Account Manager candidates come through Happie

With all of his recruitment channels working together in tandem through Happie, Chris was able to screen and hire the loan officers he needed to grow his branch. He also built a large pipeline of candidates he can hire from over time.

With Happie hiring, more time to crush his quota

With Happie on the job, Chris was able to focus on what matters most to his branch—generating sales. The mortgage industry is intense, and Happie’s platform was able to free up Chris’ time to focus on his meeting his numbers. This allowed him to far exceed his personal quota, putting his branch in the top 10 nationally. “Happie’s service was really valuable in that I was able to step in at the right time in the hiring process with candidates who were already interested, rather than starting from square one on my own." Check out some of our other customer stories here!

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