Passive Candidate Sourcing: How DayNine Hired Top Account Executives and Saved 97% in Recruiting Fees

Boston, MA  |  June 12, 2018

When DayNine, a Workday Solutions Provider, needed to hire account executives, they typically turned to recruiting agencies to help them hire. While they loved their recruiting agency partners, the cost was often over $40,000 in agency fees for a single hire. Brian needed a way to hire top sales reps and account executives while reducing his cost-per-hire and increasing his qualify-of-hire. In this interactive discussion, you'll learn how Brian created a database of high quality account executives and built a relationship with them in a very personal way, so that he could hire as needed from his talent pool. And how he did it for a far lower cost-per-hire!

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Specific Topics Include

How to build a database of your entire target candidate universe that you can hire from over time - whenever you need to fill a sales role.

How to source your ideal passive candidates and break your reliance on job boards to hire.

Create the right type of outreach that inspires and engages sales talent and gets them to run, not walk, straight to your company.

20+ insanely actionable tips to blow the lid off your recruiting efforts - especially for hiring sales people!

Don't kid a kidder. Learn how to speak “sales” honestly to sales people and account executes. Use the language in your job description and recruiting emails that truly sells the real opportunity.

Sales and account executive hiring cheat sheet and glossary.

Meet the speaker

Brandon Cajtham

People Solutions Director, Talent Acquistion |  DayNine

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