Simple & SeamlessATS Integrations

Happie ensures a seamless flow of data to and from your Applicant Tracking System so that your existing process is unhindered.

Push and pull data where and when you need it

Happie’s API-first philosophy resulted in a software product that plays nicely with other tools. Our team of integration specialists and solutions architects work tirelessly to create the experience you need.

Our solutions teams are expert in your ATS

Our team of experts can lead the way through ATS integrations from start to finish. We can handle most integrations in just days rather than months. Let us know what your needs are and we can design a solution that snaps into place with zero heavy lifting for you.

Complete ATS Integrations

Anyone who has lived through an ATS roll-out knows how challenging these kinds of technologies can be. The Happie solutions teams are subject matter experts in ATS integrations and cut through complexity to achieve simple and practical solutions that can be deployed in a few days. By deeply understanding the players and the work at hand we can deliver a painless roll-out every time. Let’s explore what kind of ATS integration your organization needs.


Hires for today, a pipeline for tomorrow

Happie’s modern recruiting delivers both the volume and quality candidates that you need.

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Publishing tools anyone can use

Create career sites, team pages, and other digital assets that delight rather than deter the best candidates.