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Imagine your team delivering 5-10x more high quality candidates for less than you are spending now. Happie makes talent attraction easy by automating the process of finding and engaging the best candidates for your open roles.

We ❤️ making our customers Happie!

Happie snaps easily on top of your ATS

No big implementation necessary.  In 48 hours or less your team has a growing pipeline of inbound interest from best-fit candidates.

Happie's Automated Recruitment Marketing

Happie was designed to accelerate your team’s output so they can do what they do best: talk with candidates! How? Through the perfect persistence of AI-guided automation in sourcing and outreach. Find out how even small teams are reaching new heights in volume and quality by using Happie tools and methodology – no lengthy and expensive training required. Anyone can do it

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Identify & Target your Ideal Candidates in Seconds

Easily build a database of your target candidates in Happie. Then make your candidate database actionable with automagic contact-data enhancement that includes phone, email, home address and even social profiles.
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Wish-list talent, drawn to you

Happie’s automated outreach puts hyper-personalized messaging on auto-pilot. Nurture and attract your ideal candidates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your hiring goals. Ensuring an active pipeline of strong talent at your fingertips. Happie does this by intelligent, automated multi-channel outreach that reaches candidates via email, text, voicemail and even social media. Instead of chasing candidates with manual emails and dials, Happie automatically shakes the talent tree, allowing your team to pick all of the best fruit.

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Take your career site from sad to Happie.

You need a career site that tells a compelling story about why working for your company is better. It’s time to level up your candidate experience with mobile-optimized, media-rich, video-enabled career sites and job descriptions that effectively distinguish your opportunities: It’s time your opportunities stand out.
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Reporting that makes you shine.

Show off amazing reporting that’s truly simple to run in seconds. Never again face unanswerable questions about your recruiting funnel. Explain the work your team is doing and easily articulate to all stake-holders what is required to accomplish goals. Happie reporting is more than numbers. It’s how you manage up.
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Happie works right out of the box

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Happie works right out of the box

Beautiful career pages

Libraries of market-proven templates

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We've done the work for you
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Seamless ATS integrations
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Activate passive candidates automatically
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Automate a growing talent community
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No disruption to existing workflows
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Reporting that helps

Publishing tools anyone can use

Create career sites, team pages, and other digital assets that delight rather than deter the best candidates.


The right candidates, always

Happie's services combine the latest in consumer marketing with modern recruiting strategies.

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