Understand your ROI with Happie reporting

Understand your team’s recruiting activity and spend via high fidelity reports and presentation-ready, actionable visuals. Faster than spreadsheets and much deeper than ATS reporting, Happie tells you everything you always wished you knew about what’s working in your TA function. Instantly be alerted to problems, and quickly diagnose and solve them. Show your partners and management all the work that goes into what your team does.
All the answers you need, on demand.

Get an up-to-the-minute look at the state of your candidate pipeline

Easily get a full-funnel picture of the candidate lifecycle, from sourcing to outreach through screening, interviewing, offer, and hire. The complete history of each candidate, including all outreach, calls, notes, communications, and stages, is never more than a click away. With instant insight into every dimension of your pipeline, you can be confident top candidates won’t slip through the cracks.

Manage your hiring managers & executives with confidence

Happie reporting and dashboards enable your team to make highly-informed, data-driven decisions regarding recruiting spend, activities, and funnel. Explain your process and justify your timelines and spend with simple, actionable visuals that help everyone understand what your team is doing. When it’s time to report, you can share customized dashboards on your critical hiring KPIs with anyone in the organization in seconds. Present beautiful, high fidelity, informative reports to your bosses and your board.

Benchmark your team’s performance against best-in-class

Happie’s reporting leverages insights across millions of candidate interactions so that you can view your team’s relative performance on recruiting KPIs.

Manage performance with recruiter-level reporting

Filter any report down to the employee level to see where teams are struggling, report on recruiter behaviors, and share insights that help you manage your team effectively.

Predict downstream performance based on cohort views

Need 10 hires next month or quarter? Then you need to know how many candidates to source this period based on your typical funnel. Happie’s funnel reporting and sourcing calculators provide actionable recommendations about what your team needs to do today to exceed your goals tomorrow.

See clearly where to focus your efforts with candidate heat maps

Identify where the talent is and where to focus your recruiting efforts. Inform your recruiting strategy including whether to hire remote and/or to relocate. Know what to budget for comp and relocation expenses.

Understand the Why’s behind the “Why Nots”

Reason analysis uncovers what’s preventing your target talent from joining the team. Learn whether you need to increase compensation, improve your culture, or invest in relocation to get the talent your team needs.

Expertise from in your industry

With clients in healthcare, robotics, tech, consumer, and everything in between, chances are we know your space.

👀 Rapid Reporting

No more spreadsheets. Get the answers you need instantly.

📈 Board Ready

TA can be the star of the next board meeting with the most impressive reporting in the company.

🎉 Decision-Quality Data

Produce persuasive reports, analyses, and forecasts that leadership can trust.

🌟 Single Source of Truth

Share a single, accurate, and always up-to-date source of truth about where candidates are.

⏰ Automated Reports

Automate the creation and delivery of your most frequently-used reports.

💸 Full-Funnel Visibility

Get a complete top-to-bottom view of your recruiting funnel.


Publishing tools anyone can use

Create career sites, team pages, and other digital assets that delight rather than deter the best candidates.


Quality candidates, constantly

Let us help you exponentially increase the number and quality of your pipeline to capture candidates' interest.