Technical Recruiting 101: Two Top CTOs Reveal Their Secrets for Recruiting Tech Talent

Boston, MA  |  April 17, 2019

Tech talent is often the lifeblood of tech startups and larger companies yet software developers, engineers, and software architects are among the hardest-to-find talent in today’s labor market.Add to that the fact that traditional recruiting techniques often fall on deaf ears when applied to tech talent. In this panel event, two top CTOs and a tech recruiter reveal their secrets for sourcing and hiring amazing tech talent, tapping into what motivates them to join your company, and everything else you need to be successful hiring tech talent!

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Specific Topics Include

Source tech talent beyond LinkedIn to find the best software developers and engineers.

Finding tech talent in geographic regions you might not be thinking of.

Create the right type of outreach that inspires and engages tech talent, rather than turning them off with spammy messages

Find out what will sell your role to tech talent (hint: they value different things than other types of talent)

How to speak “tech” to tech talent

Recruiting tech talent cheat sheet

Meet the speakers

Greg White

Co-Founder  |  Happie

Andreas Goeldi

CTO  |  Pixability

Chad Reilly

Technical Recruiter  |  Happie

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