Flip The Script On Your Job Descrip(tion): How To Write Job Descriptions That Actually Inspire Candidates!

Thursday, January 9th9 AM Pacific, 12 PM EasternAt your desk

Most job descriptions read like a mind-numbing laundry list of what the candidate needs to do for YOU, or a sophomoric list of requirements that you can evaluate later and that should not be in your valuable job description real estate. And that’s just how you should think of it: as real estate. Extremely valuable storefront real estate. If you had a store in a prime location on Main Street and you were spending time and money driving shoppers to your store, would you fill your store window with requirements for your potential shoppers to meet? Lists of qualifications they must have before they can buy from you? Or would you put up signage that enticed the shopper with strong value propositions and inviting pictures? Thinking of the job description this way is an important mindset shift that recruiters must undergo if they want to win in the extremely tight labor market for most skill sets. In this webinar we’ll cover six simple changes you can make to your job descriptions to turn them from boring, plain vanilla to amazing sales copy that gets your candidates excited about joining!


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